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The role of the Military Order of the Devil Dog Fleas is to band together and pester, pinch, and make the life of a Devil Dog one of chasing, scratching, rolling and rubbing pests to get them out if their hair while creating a bond of fun and comradery between the Military Order of the Devil Dogs and their Fleas; the Fleas will look for ways to promote fun, devilment, and pestering of the Devil Dogs to make life more pleasant for all.Gatherings and time spent together in the organization is called a SCRATCH and not a meeting. A flea scratch will most commonly take place at the same time as a Military Order of Devil Dogs Growl.


Along with pestering the Devil Dogs, the Fleas work to promote a bond of companionship and comradeship between the members of the Marine Corps League and the Auxiliary; to foster the love of the loyal purpose and principals of the League and Auxiliary. Hold sacred the memory of departed Marines, members of the League and the Auxiliary and to render assistance to Marines, living or deceased and their survivors whenever and wherever possible.




In order to become a Flea, the applicant must:

1. Be a Regular Member in good standing of the Marine Corps League Auxiliary.

2. Fill out Flea Application.

3. Go through the Initiation at a Scratch of a Unit Hide, a Department Hide or the National Hide.

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