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Washington Devil Dogs

The name Devil Dogs was given to members of the Marine Corps by German soldiers to describe U.S. Marines who fought in the Battle of Belleau Wood in 1918. The Marines fought with such ferocity that they were likened to "Dogs from Hell."


The Military Order of the Devils Dogs, more commonly called “The Dogs” is a subsidiary of the Marine Corps League.  We elect our own officers, conduct our own business meetings and report to our own chain of command.  The membership of “The Dogs” is made up of members of the League who have been members in good standing for one year or longer and are recommended for membership by upstanding Dogs in the Pound.  Essentially, the Military Order of the Devil Dogs are ‘the best of the best’ as they comprise less than ten percent of the total League membership and yet are found at virtually all functions or working parties; often the entirety of those who turn out to participate are “The Dogs”.


The different units of the Dogs are related to the units within the Marine Corps League as follows: 

Pound = Detachment; Pack = Department; Division = Division; Kennel = National. 


Washington State currently has 4 pounds within the Pack:


Jim Chamberlin Pound #185

Sir Pound Keeper PDD Manny Esparza


Olympic Peninsula Pound #211

Sir Pound Keeper PDD Mark Gorman


Lewis & Clark Pound #225

Sir Pound Keeper  DD Pete Thornton

Robert E. Bush MOH Pound #353

Sir Pound Keeper Shane Inman



Washington Pack Officers:


                        Worthy Pack Leader 

                           PDD TJ Morgan




                        Worthy Senior Vice Pack Leader 

                           PDD John Moysiuk




                        Worthy Junior Vice Pack Leader 

                            DD Mark Gorman




                        Worthy Smart Dog

                           PDD Mark Schildknecht




                        Worthy Police Dog

                            PDD Dennis Dressler




                        Worthy Barking Dog

                           PDD John Stofiel




                        Worthy Dog Trainer

                           PDD Edwin G. Falter




                        Worthy Watch Dog 





                        Worthy Mad Dog

                           DD LouAnne Harrey




                        Worthy Dog Robber

                           DD Joel Cartwright



                        Worthy Junior Past Pack Leader 

                           PDD Bonnie Holden 




                        2019 Pack Dog of the Year

                          PDD Anthony Tonda 





                        2020 Pack Dog of the Year

                          PDD MIke O'Flaherty

                         2021 Pack Dog of the Year

                           DD James Golden




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