Are Marines Extremists 

By former Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Charles Krulak

There have been some people who in ignorance have referred to Marines as extremists and more than a little dangerous.

To his credit, former Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Charles Krulak has said in our defense:

“Citizens from all walks of life have donned the Marine Corps uniform and gone to war to defend this great nation, never to return. Honor, courage, and commitment are not extreme."


From a personal viewpoint, I never knew a Marine who was only a little dangerous. Most of us seemed to be a lot dangerous.

That, I believe is supposed to be the idea.


Are Marines extremists?

I personally believe I am a Marine until the day I die, at which time I become a dead Marine.

I believe in the Marine Corps and its creed of Honor, Courage and Commitment.

I believe in Jesus Christ and I apologize to no one for assigning God His rightful place.

I believe that Marines draw the Guard Duty in Heaven because the Marine Corps Hymn says so.

I believe that the Marines in service today are the finest Marines who have ever served our country and are my direct descendants via the Warrior Spirit.

I believe that Duty is a Right and that Service to our country is a God-given opportunity and I believe that Patriotism is Duty not to be taken lightly.

I believe in the Brotherhood of the Marine Corps.


We, as Marines believe in the Freedom of the American citizen, and have proved it, tens of thousands of times.


Are United States Marines extremists?

The Chief of Naval Operations would never be called a Sailor.

The General of the Army would never be called a Soldier.

The Chief of Staff of the Air Force would never be called an Airman.

The Commandant of the Marine Corps is PROUDLY called a Marine.


I admit, I am older and grayer, and I no longer move as fast as I once did. My active duty service is long behind me.  But the memory of those fellow Marines with whom I served is as fresh today as it was so many years ago.


So to answer the question: Yes, Marines will always be extreme !


We know no other way to live, to serve, to pay back our country for what we have and for what we have earned.

And what we have earned is a title. A name. A right.


We have earned, by the service, the sacrifice and the blood of our brothers, the right to be forever known as:



Semper Fidelis

© 2016 Dept. of Washington Marine Corps League