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From: Jr. Past Commandant 

To: All Department of Washington members                          


Congratulations to our new slate of Officers.

Thank all of you within this Department for the support within your officers during my term of office and know you will continue this work with the new team.  I cannot stress enough to keep the lines of communications open between the Detachments and the Department.  Our membership needs to continue to grow to help our Veterans and active duty personnel.

Hopefully our Nation can return to some normalcy in the near future so that we can resume our functions as before.

The Officers will be installed virtually on Zoom in the next few weeks.  Keep them updated as to your officers for contact.  


I would also like to extend a Thank You to all that attended the “The Rock Ceremony “ on August 29, 2020. Since it was not able to be publicized due to the virus there were only a few of us there but we honored each and everyone of the Marines that perished in the plane crash. The Pierce County Det 504 organized and carried out the memorial service. The cost of the Mt Rainier Memorial Service is paid for by the Pierce County Det 504 each year. Several years ago we asked that each detachment donate what they could to defray the cost to Detachment 504 each year. I ask that we continue this and the donations can be sent directly to Pierce County Det 504 with Rock Ceremony in the memo as this money is earmarked for that purpose. It can also be sent the same way to the Department of Washington which will get the money to the Detachment 504.


Semper Fi


Bonnie Holden

Jr. Past Commandant

Dept of Washington

  National letter regarding 
Coronavirus (COVID-19)


About The Marine Corps League

The Marine Corps League is the only Congressionally chartered United States Marine Corps-related veterans organization in the United States. Its Congressional Charter was approved by the 75th U.S. Congress and signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on August 4, 1937.


Members of the Marine Corps League join together in camaraderie and fellowship for the purpose of preserving the traditions and promoting the interests of the United States Marine Corps, banding together those who are now serving in the United States Marine Corps and those who have been honorably discharged from that service that they may effectively promote the ideals of American freedom and democracy, voluntarily aiding and rendering assistance to all Marines and former Marines and to their widows and orphans; and to perpetuate the history of the United States Marine Corps and by fitting acts to observe the anniversaries of historical occasions of particular interest to Marines.


The Department of Washington was founded in Seattle over 70 years ago and has grown to 15  detachments throughout the state.

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Rock Ceremony 08/29/2020 Photos by Jim Golden 

Photos by Jim Brown

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